Eduardo Ponce Eduardo Ponce

// About Me

Hi there! 

I'm Eduardo Ponce. 

But, my friends & family refer to me as Ed, Eddy, Edward (rarely) and whatever other variations of Eduardo there is! 

How does one talk about themselves? I have no clue so I'll just share some fun facts about me (I think)

1. I listen to a lot of Drake.
2. Drink of choice is whiskey, specifically Johnnie Walker Black - Neat of course - I accept it as a tip for my work ;)
3. I have my favorite camera tattooed on my arm which is a Leica M9, which I also own.
4. I drink copious amounts of coffee, sometimes 3-4 times a day. 
5. I wasn't kidding about the coffee, some of the local shops know me exactly what ill get. 
6. I, one day hope to get a corgi and an alaskan malamute and move to the mountains with them and be one with nature. 
7. I'm obsessed with Minions, I have a small collection of them and a tattoo of one that's supposed to be me. 


Alright, so if that hasn't bored you or deterred you...lets talk about what I do for a living. 

The images I capture tend to be very documentary styled, I've been told. I have a lot of background with music photography and capturing images in the worst low light conditions with lighting change every second and have learned to change my settings on the fly with rapid movements and adapting to my environment. I've toured across the country multiple times with  bands capturing their lives on stage and off stage in a very candid way as well as shot editorial images for their labels. I photographed music for about 4 years non stop and toured for about 2 and a half years consistently. 

Off tour and back home here in Orange County, my work is not as hectic and wild but I use all my documentary knowledge in my wedding work. Whether its capturing you and your family on the dance floor wildin' out after your ceremony or pin pointing that exact beautiful moment of you and your boyfriend/groom sharing an intimate moment by yourselves, I do so in the most natural way. Capturing those special little moments is what I love, seeing genuine Human interaction and love for one another is something that is unmatched. My fashion/editorial work is just as free flowing as my others, I put on some jams and we just get to shooting. Keepin' it simple!

Despite the fact that I am a 6'3 tall (very) noticeable figure, I've consistently been told that it feels as if Im not even shooting, but just hanging out and yet they're surprised I captured a specific moment. I make sure you and I are having a good time while I'm photographing you, whether its your wedding, your clothing line, or modeling, I go with the flow and let life happen. 


Notable Clients:

Alternative Press, Substream Magazine, Rise Records, Invogue Records, Hopeless Records, MetalHammer Magazine