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What am I paying for?

When you pay a professional to photograph you and your loved ones, you are not just paying us to hold a camera and press a button. You are paying for a wide array of things, which include:

Reserving a spot just for you so we can’t book anyone else for that slot/day, risking potential loss of business if you cancel

My in-person consultation time

Driving to and from our desired location (I wish gas was free)

My shooting time

 Time spent editing the images after the shoot itself

Resources/Tools used to create/capture & deliver the final imagery that you can treasure:

Costly professional-grade camera equipment made to endure

Costly computer equipment fast enough to process

Expensive editing software

Professional-grade memory cards

Large hard drives for file storage/backup

File & Web-hosting for online galleries

How much do you charge?
It varies depending on your needs, but here are some of my basics so you know:
I have a $150 minimum for an hour of portrait work (1-3 looks, in studio/on location) only need me for half an hour? the minimum is still $150, no exceptions. (Non refundable deposit required to lock in date/time)

Wedding Packages start at a $1200 minimum - (more details upon request/ in-person meeting)

How many images will I be receiving?

Portrait // Engagement sessions - 30-50 is the average.
Wedding Clients -  will receive upwards of 500 images total, More or Less depending on hours and needs.

I'm // We’re excited about all this. What’s the next step?

Perfect! Send me an email, exchange numbers & we’ll get the ball rolling. I’d love to grab coffee & meet up so we can talk about everything in person at a coffee shop or at my studio.